C  H  R  I  S  T  I  A  N  I  T  Y 
through the lens of 
Part Two

Mohd Amin Yaacob








The Doctrine Of The Original Sin And The Atonement

7.1     The Doctrine Of The Original Sin                   

7.2     The Entire Human Race Are Sinners.

7.3     The Original Sin: Mother Of All Sins

7.4     The Doctrine Of The Atonement

7.5     Muslim Answers

7.5.1   St. Paul, The First Christian Who Invented The “Doctrine of the Original Sin”

7.5.2       Christian Scholars Themselves Criticize This Doctrine

7.5.3   The Doctrine Of The Original Sin Is Directly Responsible For The Theological Inferiority Of Women In The Christian Church

7.5.4   The Biblical Text: Sin Does Not Transmit From One Person To Another

7.5.5   The Bible: Not All Mankind Are Sinners

7.5.6   God Forgive All Sins By Means Of Repentance (at-Taubah)

7.5.7       Jesus Parable Of The Prodigal Son Rejected The Christian Doctrine Of The Atonement

7.5.8       The Parable Of The Lost Sheep: A Repentant Person Is Better Than A Sinless Man

7.5.9       The Death Of Jesus Humanity Side Cannot Erase The Original Sin

7.5.10   Why The Betrayer Of Jesus, The One With A Grave Sin And The One Who Had A Devil In Him?




The Crucifixion And The Resurrection
Of Jesus Christ

 8.1     Muslim Views

8.1.1   From The The Holy Quran

8.1.2   From The Holy Bible

8.1.3   From The Scholars



 Jesus Was Sent Only To The Israelites

9.1     Christian Rebuttal

9.2     Muslims Answer             



The Authenticity Of The Bible                     

10.1   The Word “Bible” Is Not Given By God

10.2   The Books Of The Bible     

10.3   The Original Gospel Or Injil Of Jesus No Longer Exist

10.4   Different Version Of The “One Bible Claim”

10.5       Martin Luther Rejected Part Of The Present Books Of The New Testament

10.6   Prophet Moses Didn’t Wrote The Christian “Torah” Or “Taurat”

10.7   The Canon Of The Christian Bible Was Completed Four Hundred Years After Jesus

10.8   The New Testament Books Were Not Written By The Apostles Whose Name They Bear

10.9   The Church Fathers Rejected Some Of The Present New Testament Books

10.10 The Inspiration Of The Holy Spirit



Contradictions And Errors In The Biblical Text

11.1   Prophet Solomon Died As An Apostate

11.2   Concerning The Number Of Men Of Israel Who Returned From Exile

11.3   The Prophecy Concerning The Coming And Death Of Jesus

11.4   The Genealogy Of Jesus

11.5   The Prophecy In Hosea “I Called My Son Out Of Egypt”

11.6   Contradiction Between The Saying Of Jesus And John The Baptist

11.7   The Earthquake and the Raising of the Dead at Jesus Crucifixion

11.8   The Second Coming Of Jesus.

11.9   The Prophecy Of Prophet Jeremiah Concerning The Betrayer Of Jesus





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