C  H  R  I  S  T  I  A  N  I  T  Y 
through the lens of 
Part Two

Mohd Amin Yaacob





The Doctrine Of The Original Sin And The Atonement 

 7.1     The Doctrine Of The Original Sin 

7.2     The Entire Human Race Are Sinners.

7.3     The Original Sin: Mother Of All Sins        

7.4     The Doctrine Of The Atonement

7.5     Muslim Answers        

7.5.1   St. Paul, The First Christian Who Invented The “Doctrine of the Original Sin” 

7.5.2       Christian Scholars Themselves Criticize This Doctrine

7.5.3   The Doctrine Of The Original Sin Is Directly Responsible For The Theological Inferiority
Of Women In The Christian Church

7.5.4   The Biblical Text: Sin Does Not Transmit From One Person To Another 

7.5.5   The Bible: Not All Mankind Are Sinners 

7.5.6   God Forgive All Sins By Means Of Repentance (at-Taubah)     

7.5.7       Jesus Parable Of The Prodigal Son Rejected The Christian Doctrine Of The Atonement

7.5.8       The Parable Of The Lost Sheep: A Repentant Person Is Better Than A Sinless Man      

7.5.9       The Death Of Jesus Humanity Side
Cannot Erase The Original Sin

7.5.10   Why The Betrayer Of Jesus, The One With
A Grave Sin And The One Who Had A Devil
In Him?  











7.1    The Doctrine Of The Original Sin


Christianity teaches that mankind is guilty of sin. The guilt is not acquired by the wrong choices one's has made in life, but rather inherited from Adam, who sinned when he disobeyed God The Almighty by eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of life.[1] All Mankind inherit the sin of Adam until the end of time. Thus all human being after Adam are born sinful, the Dogma known as the “Doctrine of the Original Sin.”


John O Brien in “Understanding the Catholic Faith” states:


“This sin is called original because it comes down to us through our origin or descent from Adam.”[2]


The Catechism[3] of the Catholic Church contains the following:


“Adam and Eve transmitted to their descendants human nature wounded by their own first sins and hence depraved of original holiness and justice; this deprivation is called “original sin.”[4]

Pope John Paul II in his “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” says:


“…The world that the Son of man (Jesus Christ) found when He became man deserved condemnation, because of the sin that had dominated all of history, beginning with the fall of our first parents…Awareness of our own sinfulness, including that which is inherited, is the first condition for salvation…”[5]

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