In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful,

          The specific aim of this book entitled CHRISTIANITY THROUGH THE LENS OF CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM SCHOLARS” is to discover the actual state of the religion of Christianity. We shall see, in this book, how Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was not Christian in the sense of today’s Christianity. He called for the Oneness of Allah The Almighty [1] as against the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity and Incarnation (al-Hulul wa al-Ittihad). He said that Salvation is by Faith in Allah and by following the Law (al-Shari‘ah) or doing Good works (Amal Salih), not by Faith in his Divinity and alleged Crucifixion and Resurrection. He ordered his followers to follow after his departure, the “Comforter” (Parakletos, pneuma tes aletheis) [2] or the “Holy Spirit” which is none other than the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayer be upon him) and not to reject him. The message of Jesus, who came only to the Jewish people (Bani Israel), has nothing to do with today’s Christianity, unfortunately. 

          We shall see also, how the Christian Scripture “The Holy Bible” has been tampered by human hands and has lost its originality. The contradictions and errors in the biblical texts, most of them acknowledged by Christian scholars, prove beyond doubt that the biblical account of events is, to say the least, unreliable and occasionally clearly manipulated to serve the interests of particular individuals or power groups.  

          I shall base my arguments and sources of evidence of this book on the Bible[3], literature put out by Christian scholars and also from Muslim own sources such as those of Ibn Taimiyyah, Ibn Qayyim, Ibn Kathir, Ar-Razi, Al-Ghazali, Al-Qurthubi, Rahmatullah Kairanvi, Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Abd Haq Vidyarthi, Ahmeed Deedat, Robert W. Mond, Gary Miller, Robert Squires and others. I therefore welcomed any Christian criticism or clarification of some of these points that I have discussed in this book. I invite them to dismiss my arguments or clarify some of the points that I have discussed here on the authority of the Bible or through the writings of any of their Scholars. 

I would like to urge upon Muslims to try and read this book to further understand what the history and the fundamental Doctrines of Christianity is all about and I’m sure it will be of great use to them who may come in contact with Christian Scholars, Evangelists and Laymen. As for Christians who may come across this book, I hope they can find in it the true guidance to the truth, to Allah’s benevolence, on earth and in life hereafter. 

I am grateful to all the people who went through the manuscript and offered me very useful suggestions and those friends who have kindly helped me in the preparation of this book. 

I am particularly grateful to Ghafarullahuddin Hj Din and Hafiz Firdaus Abdullah ( for their comments, suggestions and advice on reading the manuscript. Really I would not have presented this book without their personal attention and interest. Of course, I take full responsibility for everything that is said here.

May it please Allah, God Almighty to accept this humble service.


For truth,

Mohd Amin Yaacob

Section 7, Shah Alam

26 March 2003


[1]           The word “Allah” is the proper name of God, the Almighty. It is the word, in fact which is used for God when the Christian Bible is translated into Arabic or Indonesian languages. God Almighty through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has protected Islam and the Muslims by keeping the word “Father” (ABBA) for God, out of its religious vocabulary. In Christian Catechism, this simple, innocent word “Father” has acquired a novel meaning. He is, according to Christianity, the One who Begot the son Jesus. Begotten, not Made! This according to Islam is the most abominable utterance, attributing to God an animal nature - the lower animal function of sex – may Allah forbid! (Ahmeed Deedat, The Choice: Islam and Christianity, Volume One, 221)   

[2]           Maulana Abd Haq Vidyarthi, Muhammad in World Scriptures, Volume One (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha’at Islam Lahore Inc, Kingsgate Road, Columbus Ohio USA), 1999, 386

[3]           Concerning the quotations of the Christian Bible, I will used the different translation and version of the Bible such as The  New Living Translation (NLT) 1997 published by Tyndale House Publishers Inc, The New International Version (NIV) 1992 published by The Zondervan Corporation and The New Testament by The Gideon International (GI), Nashville,Tennessee USA, of which Christians accepted them as The Word of God.