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g04_muslim_building_sunset.jpg The non-Muslims or the Dutch views us the Muslims as a violent group of people, they view Islam not as a religion but as a whole set of culture and race (Arab), due to misunderstanding, misinterpretation and quoting out of context and quoting without knowledge, they view the Quran as something dangerous, they see Islam as merciless as even those who want to leave it are assaulted.

But, they are also open to dialogue. They see that Muslims are becoming more and more and they see how Muslims always defends Islam. Their leaders are also fair and diplomatic. And even though pressured by 20% of the parliament, they are always trying to calm things down, put out the fire but at the same time try to balance the sentiments of their people. Muslims are always saying the things said are misinterpretations. They seem willing to hear the explanations.


(1) Practise the true method of reconciliation/advise/counsel in Islam. Which is:
- counsel, then if failed
- counsel again, then if failed
- counsel again, then if failed
- leave it and let be.

(2) This also apply to apostacy (Murtad) in Islam, but with slight change at the end:
- counsel, then if failed
- counsel again, then if failed
- counsel again, then if failed
- leave it and let be, but if they threaten Islam : kill them

Remember the story about Ehsan Jami. Why did he need to set up a support group for ex-Muslims? Its because, they are assaulted.

We, Muslims tend to jump to the last step before going through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. You have to talk to the person first. Ask them, why did they leave Islam. What problems are they facing with Islam?

We, the Muslims, do we believe in Islam? Do we not believe that Islam is the absolute truth? The truth! Meaning there can be absolutely nothing that can be wrong with Islam. Meaning every single word in the Quran is the truth. Not a single word wrong. You. Muslims. Do you believe this?

Yes, right... Therefore, if it is the absolute truth, then the reason that person left Islam is because there is something wrong with the person, not Islam itself. For if it is the truth, then no one would even want to leave Islam. Therefore, we need to talk to the apostate. Maybe he/she does not truly understand Islam. Or, they have been exposed to misinterpretations. Or, they have abused by people who call themselves Muslims, hence damaging the Muslim image.

These people are not true apostates. The apostates that Islam said to kill are those that when they know this undeniable truth, the reject it, which is the biggest discredit anyone can do to themselves.

Its like two roads. Road A is lined with nice, shady trees on the side, with a cool waterfall at the end and smooth road to it. Road B has fire, dragons and thorns on the path. You are walking with your friend. It is evident that you guys should take Road A. But, your friend suddenly moves towards Road B. First, you call her. Then you call her again louder. Then you shout for her to come. In the end, you would just run and pull her to Road A before she hurts herself.

Why do you do this? Because you love her. You care for her.

But, what if she started throwing stones and knives at you? Then she started to pull you with her to the dragon's mouth? What else can you do but fight her off? It is standard self-defense.

(4) Address misunderstandings of Islam. Don't ignore them.

(5) Reveal the truth of Islam.

(6) Clear-up misinterpretations.

(7) Show the real Islam. Compassion, equality, profesionality, structured response and organisations, intelligence, etc.

(8) Never forget the power of reminders, helping each other by always reminding each other of the values Islam promote (nasihat-menasihati).

(9) Do not make Islam an elite, exclusive or racist religion. Islam is a blessing to all of mankind. So, do not portray it as being exclusively Arab or exclusively Melayu. Converts do not have to change their name, they do have to change their clothes, neither do they have to change their culture and traditions.

It is very difficult for me to believe that a well-brought up person like Mr. Geert Wilders, born in a perfectly good country, nurtured like any other man with instilled good, humane values could express so much hatred to a religion of which I have embraced my entire life without doubts and hesitancy and which I find beautiful and in accordance with democracy. I should know. I read the Quran since I was a child, almost every day. I know its contents and any questions I have, they are all answered. I know the contents and believe me they do not contradict with human rights. Therefore, I believe, we have to identify the root of the problem and address them. The above writing is the result of my search for that root.

Possible cause of Mr. Wilder's actions:
A. He doesn't understand Islam as he only sees the misinterpretations.
B. He only sees Islam as terror like in the media.
C. He has had traumatic/bad experience with Muslims.
D. He is just a bad-tempered politician who wants attention.
E. He is a manipulative person that wants manipulate the al-Quran for his own sadistic pleasure.
F. He is evil and harbor a vengence against Islam because he is jealous of us, he secretly envy us Muslims.
G. He is a racist who hates coloured people.

It is tempting for us to want to believe options D to G. But ponder, Who are we to judge? Do we know the contents of his heart? Can we look into his mind? Can we see what he actually thinks about? Does Islam ever teaches us to make negative assumptions? Does Islam ever teaches us to go straight to war and killings whenever we are challenged? Have we even talk? Explained? Who are we to judge? Do we know Mr. Wilders personally? Have we even talk to him? Are we close personal friends of him that we know everything about him that we can say with no doubt that he is an evil enemy of Islam? Who are we to judge?

Only Allah swt knows the true content of any human being's heart. We do not have the right to judge.

Yes! We have to defend Islam! Tell the world what Mr. Wilders did was wrong! But, tell also why what he did is wrong...You have to provide proof for your claims. Explain! Engage in dialogues! Etc..Etc... Never forget. Islam can answer for itself.

al-Imam Hasan al-Banna berkata

"Jangan sekali-kali menaruh kebencian terhadap seseorang! Kamu boleh membenci perbuatan mereka tetapi mintalah petunjuk buat mereka. Bukankah sebaik-baik saja terjadinya musibah dalam peperangan Uhud, Rasulullah SAW berdoa:

"Ya Allah! Berikanlah petunjuk kepada kaumku sesungguhnya mereka tidak mengetahui."

Begitulah budaya nasihat menasihati akan terus berlangsung selagi manusia memerlukan manusia lain untuk membantu kehidupannya. Manusia berakal waras akan mematuhi nasihat baik yang memandu kehidupannya di dunia dan di akhirat tanpa melihat siapa yang memberi nasihat itu.....

My last word : Solve the cause, not the symptoms.