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What does this show?

indoprotest_20080401_180.jpg The Dutch wants to get to know Islam. They are interested. They are also being extremely diplomatic and fair. They want to understand Islam and to really see if it is as violent as how the media is portraying it. They also want more transparency in the politics.

51% said Islam in the Netherlands "threatens" the country's culture.

Wilders wanted to move to the Jewish state...He started to love Israel

What does these two statements have in common? this...

1 in 16 Dutch is a Muslim. After 9/11, the fraction of Muslims in the Europe is also rapidly increasing. Islam has now even overtaken Christian Catholic as the largest single religious denomination. Islam at 19.2% and Catholic at 17.4% of world population.

The non-Muslim Dutch, from what I can see, is not afraid of Islam. They are afraid of losing their European/Dutch identity, essence and culture. Specifically, Rita Verdonk was afraid of losing the 'white man' identity. Remember, she created the policy of 'integration' for immigrants except those from European countries, United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. All essentially 'white man' countries, except Japan.

This situation is comparable to the scene in Malaysia. Chinese and Indians are reluctant to convert to Islam because 'masuk Islam' (becoming a Muslim) is equivalent to 'masuk Melayu' (becoming a Malay). However, if Chinese or Indians want to convert to Christianity, it does not cause that much trouble.

So, the Dutch feels that embracing Islam is becoming an Arab. They don't want to become an Arab. They are Dutch. They are Europeans. They essentially want a personal, own identity, culture and essence. In fact, I'm sure every race in the world would want this. Their own essence. Their own culture and language and so on, that only they are familiar with or experts in. Something they would feel belongs to them alone. Something you can say 'Home Sweet Home' to.

Relate this with the Jews and their Jewish State. In essence, they are an exiled race that want their own country. However, the oppression and cruelty they inflict on other fellow human beings are disgraceful and does not justify their need for a country. The Palestinian never incurred any harm to them. They don't deserve the cruelty. If you want to blame anyone, blame the Germans and demand your compensation from them, not from the innocent Palestinian.

Geert Wilder feels he can relate to the Jewish State. He shares the same feeling of wanting to maintain the Dutch identity. He sees immigrants and Islam as a threat, threatening his country's culture. So, even though he fight for democracy and freedom (Wilders was a member of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy), he practically made a total exception for Israel by supporting them in their brutal fight for an independent existence.