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Geert Wilder is not the first Dutch to condemn Islam.

ayaan_hirsi_ali.jpg In 2002, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somalian-borned Muslim who seeked asylum in the Netherlands in 1992, renounced Islam and became an atheist. She was the subject of major controversies with statements describing the Prophet saw as a 'pervert', calling Islam a religion of violence and says that Muslim immigration is a danger for Europe. She wrote a script and provided the voice-over of Submission, criticizing the treatment of women in Islamic society. She later went into hiding due to some death threats and worries over her safety. Government service then move her around Netherlands, then finally to the United States, then back to an unknown location in the Netherlands. In early 2007, she stated that the Dutch state spent about 3.5 million euros providing armed guards for her, and the threats made her live "in fear and looking over my shoulder", but she was willing to endure this for the sake of speaking her mind. A private trust, the Foundation For Freedom of Expression was established to help fund protection of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and other Muslim dissidents.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali did not work alone. She was part of the right-wing liberal VVD party, together with Geert Wilder and Rita Verdonk. In 2003, Verdonk was appointed Minister for Integration and Immigration. Her immigration policies are ruthless. In order to reduce migration through marriage, she has proposed that partners of Dutch citizens are only allowed to immigrate into the Netherlands if the Dutch partner earns more than 120% of the minimum income. She refused to grant a general pardon to around 26,000 asylum seekers who had their asylum application turned down but who have been living in the Netherlands for more than 5 years. To integrate migrants into the Dutch society, every person who wants to immigrate into the Netherlands must pass an integration test, except for those who come from other European Union-member states, United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand (these immigrants must still take a year of integration classes). She was expelled from VVD's parliment fraction on September 13, 2007.

The director of Submission, Theo Van Gogh rejected every form of religion. In the late 1990s he started to focus on Islam. He caused widespread resentment in the Muslim community by consistently referring to them as geitenneukers. He felt strongly that political Islam is an increasing threat to liberal western societies, and said that, if he'd been younger, he would have emigrated to the USA, which he considered to be a beacon of light in a darkening world. Mohamad Bouyeri murdered Van Gogh in the early morning of Tuesday November 2 2004 in Amsterdam. He shot him eight times and Van Gogh died on the spot. Bouyeri then cut Van Gogh's throat, nearly decapitating him, and stabbed him in the chest. Two knives were left implanted in his torso, one attaching a five-page note to his body. The note threatened Western governments, Jews and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (who went into hiding).

pim-fortuyn.jpg Another guy to look at is Pim Fortuyn. He was an openly gay, charismatic, right-wing politician who formed his own party, Lijst Pim Fortuyn. He was assassinated during the 2002 Dutch National Campaign by a militant animal rights activist Volkert van der Graaf, who claimed in court to murdering Fortuyn to stop him exploiting Muslims as "scapegoats" and targeting "the weak parts of society to score points" in seeking political power.

It seems like the Dutch political scene has been marred by many anti-Islam outbursts, anti-Islam, anti-immigration policies and the violent reactions of Muslims involving death threats, assault and death.

This is all sadistic and very very sad. But, let's move on..