The Approach to Resolve Contradictory Prophetic Traditions

 Hafiz Firdaus Abdullah.





Part One:

Contradictory tradition: Definition

Are some of the Prophet’s (PBUH) traditions contradictory?

Arguments against allegations of existence of such contradictory traditions

Why are there traditions that appear to be contradictory?


Part Two:

20 Examples of ‘Contradictory’ Traditions and Explanations Resolving Them

1          Advocation of virtuous thought among the people.

2          Supererogatory fasting after 15 Sya’ban.

3          Ruling of major ablution after intercourse.

4          Usage of charms and talismans.

5          Degree of obedience towards rulers.

6          Ruling on drinking while standing.

7          Family planning from Islamic perspectives.

8          Ruling on having statues at home.

9          Priority of congregational prayer.

10        Intention on fasting.

11        The best charity.

12        The allowed traveling period for women.

13        Prophet’s (PBUH) reminders in the last sermon.

14        Ruling on writing prophetic traditions.

15        On pointing the index finger during tasyahhud.

16        Rituals during prostration (in prayers).

17        Who should best benefit from charity?

18        Rich and poor from Islamic perspectives.

19        Status of ablution on touching the private parts.

20        To pass water while standing.